Knowledge Network: A Palimpsest, 1997

Monoprints and paint on carved wood sculpture.

The piece “The Knowledge Network: A Palimpsest” is a sculptural painting constructed from 65 three-dimensional panels. Each of those panels supports seven layers of painting, printing, embossing and other media to create a palimpsest, or translucent effect. Layers build on each other, while suggesting hints of the work’s foundation. The panels fit together like pieces of a puzzle, revealing images symbolizing growth: a tree, the human brain stem, animal icons, and the Denver skyline. In total, the work contains 455 paintings. The artist was inspired by the geometry in the architecture as well as by those who will be viewing the piece. Lonnie Hanzon stated, “Learning is a series of networks, places, accesses and path-throughs. Life is not linear. Learning is not linear. Knowledge is a series of parts to a puzzle, a weaving, a circuit board.”  

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